Dr. Rai CBCC Cancer Center located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu is an institute that has provided exemplary service and care since the time of its inception in 2014. The hospital has added a key value to the cancer care infrastructure of India, by introducing the nation’s only oral cancer care institution. A cancer center that functions on the integrated approach of care, support and treatment is also well equipped with advanced technology and medical infrastructure. One of its key highlights being the day care radiation therapy and chemotherapy unit, where the patients who have been prescribed short therapies/procedures can get their treatment in the daytime and can be discharged on the same day. The Dr. Rai CBCC Cancer Center is located in the premises of Saveetha Dental College, one of finest dental institution of the world with all sort facilities at your convenience. We are the first cancer care institution to have collaborated with a college.


It’s a known fact that research has tremendously helped in bringing across advancement in cancer care all across the globe and that is why Dr. Rai CBCC Cancer Center has a dedicated cancer research facility where medical sciences department do a lot of research in their respective fields using best of equipment. External scholars and experts are also welcomed to contribute to the ongoing projects.

Our institution holds a record of screening 1,00,000 people for oral cancer. Our oral Cancer Center has surgical oncologist with expertise in oral and maxillofacial reconstruction. There is an active tumour board which has members from Oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Oral Radiologist, Surgical Oncologist, Medical Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, General Surgeon to a Psychologist. This helps the patient have the entire course of treatment in the same campus without having the chaos of moving to places for different treatment modalities.

Dr. Arun Ramnan

M.D.(RT), D.M. (Medical Oncology)

Medical Oncology

Consultant Medical Oncologist

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Dr. N. Rajeshkar


Radiation Oncology

Consultant Radiation Oncologist

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Dr. Sujatha Venkatram

M.B.B.S., M.D.(RT), DMRT

Radiation Oncology

Consultant-Radiation Oncologist

Surgery is a procedure of treatment in cancer care usually performed to remove cancerous cells, and other cancer-related symptoms. In many cases, surgery is combined with other cancer treatments such as Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy. These may be given before surgery or after surgery to help prevent cancer growth, spread or recurrence. The Surgical Oncology Department at Dr. Rai CBCC Cancer Center provides diagnostic and consultative service for individuals with problems related to Solid tumors. Complex tumor removals are skillfully performed by highly trained and motivated surgical oncologists.

The infrastructure to conduct these surgeries are fully updated according to international standards. Not only are our equipment technologically advanced but also our team of doctors are very well experienced in their respective fields of cancer, in fact these surgical oncologists work very closely with our radiologists and medical oncologists to ensure efficient treatment to our patients.

All our surgical oncologists work as a part of the multidisciplinary team, working closely with the other specialists like radiologists, pathologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, cancer care nurses, psychologists, nutritionists and physiotherapists to ensure best outcomes for our patients.

  • Daily outpatient clinics in all specialties from Monday to Saturday
  • Multidisciplinary clinics
  • Second opinion forums
  • All latest surgeries including oncoplastic and reconstructive surgeries are done
  • Patient support services including physiotherapy and lymphedema care.
  • Regular screening and awareness camps
  • Structured community outreach program for clinics and educational activities

Our Surgical Oncology Department has site specific clinics for different kind of Cancers depending on the cancer sites such as:

  • Brain Tumor Center
  • Breast Center
  • Head & Neck Cancer Center
  • Gastrointestinal & Hepatobillary  Cancer Center
  • Genitourinary Cancer Center
  • Gynecological Cancer Center
  • Bone & Soft Tissues

Medical Oncology is a discipline which deals with the systemic therapy of cancer including chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapies, supportive care and bone marrow transplantation. It is an integration of various procedures to treat cancer in an effective manner.

The medical experts at Dr. Rai CBCC Cancer Center work efficiently towards the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer by providing the best quality of modalities and even curate multi-modalities as per the need of the individual patients. Our medical oncology service includes treatments for solid tumours through chemotherapy, radiation therapy and stem cell transplants for both adults and children.

What we do

Our thrust is to use the latest protocols of treatment at a reasonable cost.

Our specialized work includes:

  • All Solid tumors like breast, gynecologic malignancies, colorectal, lung, prostate, head & neck cancers, brain tumors, neuroendocrine tumors, renal tumors etc.
  • Use of targeted therapies and monoclonal antibodies in various cancers.
  • We offer multidisciplinary opinion of surgeons or radiation oncologists to give better care to patients.
  • We follow recommended protocols to maintain uniformity of treatment.
  • We implant long term catheters ( Ports ) for safe and painless chemotherapy.
  • Our staff nurses are well trained and dedicated in administering chemotherapy. They regularly undergo training for better care.

We believe in quality care and at a reasonable cost. For us the adage ‘Patient First’ has great bearing.

Radiation oncology (also called radiotherapy) is a medical speciality that involves the controlled use of radiation to treat cancer either for cure, or to reduce pain and other symptoms caused by cancer.

Radiation therapy can be used to treat a wide range of cancers, and can be provided alone or in conjunction with surgery, chemotherapy and other treatments. Radiation Therapy is usually completely non-invasive, and does not require a patient to be admitted for the treatment. In fact, Dr. Rai CBCC Cancer Center offers a day time radiation therapy unit where patients prescribed for shorter procedure can be discharged on the same day.

Our team of highly trained medical professionals use advanced technologies to deliver safe and effective radiation therapy to cancer patients. The technology used in radiation oncology is constantly improving. Recent advances have benefited many patients with cancer, resulting in higher cure rates, fewer side effects, shorter treatments and improved quality of life and the radiation oncology department at Dr. Rai CBCC is fully equipped with state-of-art technology.


Brachytherapy is a form of radiotherapy where a radiation source is placed inside or next to the area requiring treatment. Brachytherapy is commonly used as an effective treatment for cervical, prostate, breast, and skin cancers, and can also be used to treat tumors in many other body sites.

Brachytherapy can be used alone or in combination with other therapies, such as surgery, external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) and chemotherapy.

IGRT (Image Guided Radiation Therapy)

Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) is the use of imaging during radiation therapy to improve the precision and accuracy of treatment delivery. IGRT is used to treat tumors in areas of the body that move, such as the lungs. Radiation therapy machines are equipped with imaging technology to allow your doctor to image the tumor before and during treatment.

IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy)

IMRT is an advanced type of high-precision radiation that improves the ability to conform the treatment volume to concave tumor shapes.

Rapid Arc

Rapid Arc radiotherapy technology is a new approach to image-guided, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IGRT/IMRT) that delivers precise treatments in shorter times than conventional IMRT. Rapid Arc delivers a highly precise treatment much faster than other technologies.

This is a specialized department at Dr. Rai CBCC Cancer Center that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of blood diseases (haematology) and cancer (oncology) and research into them. Haematology-oncology includes such diseases as iron deficiency anaemia, haemophilia, sickle cell disease, the thalassemia, leukaemia and lymphomas, as well as cancers of other organs.

Our comprehensive department of haemato-oncology comprises of integrated treatment procedures such as medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology and haematology. Led by an expert team of haemato-oncologists and the availability of diagnostic and therapeutic services under one roof provides best quality care for patients at their convenience. Like every other department of Dr. Rai CBCC Cancer Center, the Haemato-Oncology department is also updated with the state of art technology in this field.

Dr. Rai CBCC Cancer Center

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