Comprehensive Blood and Cancer centre (CBCC) is a USA based cancer care network with its centres in the USA and India. The ultimate aim of CBCC is to provide quality cancer care with advanced technology and growing innovation. CBCC Cancer centre, Agartala belongs to the same prestigious institution and is one the most reputable medical Institution in Eastern India. It is reputed for providing accessible and affordable healthcare services to patients. A highly qualified and caring team of doctors provide exceptional cancer care through interdisciplinary treatment.

CBCC was founded with the sole purpose of providing exceptional cancer care under one roof. We, at CBCC Cancer centre, aim to give our patients the perfect blend of compassionate care of the east fused with the technologically advanced and precise treatment from the USA.

CBCC Cancer centre houses a team of the most renowned Onco-Surgeons, Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Radiologists, Preventive Oncologists, experienced nursing staff with a combination of expert team, Histopathologists, Physiotherapists and support staff. This makes us one of the largest Onco Groups extending Comprehensive Cancer Care, now in Eastern India.

Dr. LP Bhaskar Bhuvan


Medical Oncology (Solid Tumors), Hemato - Oncology & Stem Cell Transplant

Consultant Medical Oncology, Hemato - Oncology & Stem Cell Transplant

Dr. Pavan Karella

MBBS, DNB (General Surgery), Mch (Surgical Oncology), FIAGES, FAIS, Fellow - ESSO, Fellow - SSO (Europe), Fellow in Colorectal Surgery (South Korea)

Consultant - Surgical Oncology

Medical Oncology Department at CBCC Cancer Center-Best Cancer Hospital

The Medical Oncology is a discipline which deals with the systemic therapy of cancer including chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapies, supportive care and bone marrow transplantation. Chemotherapy is a method of cancer treatment in which anticancer drugs are given intravenously, by injections, or by mouth. Anticancer drugs are special drugs which can only be prescribed by a person who has been trained in this specialty. In the last two to three decades chemotherapy has made a great impact in the overall survival of many cancers.

What we do

Our thrust is to use the latest protocols of treatment at a reasonable cost.

Our specialized work includes:

  • All Solid tumours like breast, gynecologic malignancies, colorectal, lung, prostate, head & neck cancers, brain tumours, neuroendocrine tumours, renal tumours etc.
  • Use of targeted therapies and monoclonal antibodies in various cancers.
  • We offer multidisciplinary opinion of surgeons or radiation oncologists to give better care to patients.
  • We follow recommended protocols to maintain uniformity of treatment.
  • We implant long term catheters (Ports) for safe and painless chemotherapy.
  • Our staff nurses are well trained and dedicated in administering chemotherapy. They regularly undergo training for better care.

We believe in quality care and at a reasonable cost. For us the adage ‘Patient First’ has great bearing.

Surgical Oncology Department at CBCC Cancer Center-Best Cancer Hospital

Surgical Oncology department forms the backbone of solid-tumour treatment. It involves diagnosing solid organ tumour followed by staging workup, treatment protocol decision and also a link for rehabilitative services. Surgical Oncology department works in close association with medical & radiation oncology department for proper treatment planning in a multidisciplinary approach.

The cancer hospital offers advanced surgical services including reconstructive surgery & organ preservation surgical approaches in laryngeal (voicebox) & rectum (anal part of large intestine) cancers. It also offers specialised surgical care like VATS & HIPEC for peritoneal malignancies.

All our surgical oncologists work as a part of the multidisciplinary team, working closely with the other specialists like radiologists, pathologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, cancer care nurses, psychologists, nutritionists and physiotherapists to ensure best outcomes for our patients.

All our surgical oncologists work as a part of the multidisciplinary team, working closely with the other specialists like radiologists, pathologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, cancer care nurses, psychologists, nutritionists and physiotherapists to ensure best outcomes for our patients.

  • Multidisciplinary clinics
  • Second opinion forums
  • All latest surgeries including oncoplastic and reconstructive surgeries are done
  • Patient support services including physiotherapy and lymphedema care.
  • Regular screening and awareness camps
  • Structured community outreach program for clinics and educational activities

Our Surgical Oncology Department has site specific clinics for different kind of Cancers depending on the cancer sites such as:

  • Brain tumour Centre
  • Breast centre
  • Head & Neck Cancer centre
  • Gastrointestinal & Hepatobiliary Cancer centre
  • Genitourinary Cancer centre
  • Gynecological Cancer centre
  • Bone & Soft Tissues
Radiation Oncology Department at CBCC Cancer Center-Best Cancer Hospital

New initiative by CBCC Cancer Care

We firmly believe that we can prevent cancer by making changes in our lifestyle – the way we eat, maintaining a healthy weight and being physically active, staying away from tobacco products – we can significantly reduce our risk of developing cancer. Along with preventive measures early detection is the key to winning over cancer.

Cancer prevention pathway

Breast cancer screening should be started at the age of 25 years in case of strong family history of cancer and from age of 45 years in case of no family history of cancer. Moreover, here are our suggestions to help you decide if you need to get a cancer screening done.


Information is the key. As an individual or as a part of a community, you can stay aware and create awareness about cancer risks, warning signals and how to go ahead. This would also include dispelling common cancer myths.


A cancer risk assessment helps you as an individual to take major steps toward a healthier lifestyle and determine specific actions to lower the chances of developing cancer. Remember the classic quote, “Prevention is better than cure”.


Cancer screening is the only way to detect cancer. Carry unbiased balanced information about the potential benefits & harms of cancer screening tests to make informed decisions about getting screened. Cancer screening means early detection, early treatment and better outcomes.

Our aim is to deliver a consistently high-quality service to our entire PATRON who receives, promotes, supports, and advocates cancer prevention services.

CBCC Cancer Centre, Agartala

ILS Hospital Campus,

Capital Complex Extension P.O.,

New Secretariat,

Agartala, Tripura- 799010

+91 6009785522 | 03812415000

Inauguration of ILS CBCC Center, Agartala

Date posted: 8 Jul 2022

ILS CBCC Cancer Center, Agartala was inaugurated on 30th June 2022 with the aim of providing excellent cancer care to the people of Tripura and surrounding areas. The ceremony witnessed the esteemed presence of dignitaries such as the High Commissioner of Bangladesh, Mr. B. Ramesh, CEO and Director of CBCC Cancer Care Network, India, COO of ILS Hospital, General Secretary of Indian Red Cross Society, Tripura, and the Managing Editor, Tripura Times. These guests graced the occasion and made the day truly auspicious.

Interactive health talk for the women of Tripura Adivasi Mahila Samiti

October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, CBCC Cancer Center, Agartala organised an interactive health talk for the women of Tripura Adivasi Mahila Samiti. This talk was given by Dr Bhuvan Bhaskar, Medical Oncologist, who shared useful information about breast cancer including Breast Self Examination. CBCC India encourages all women to connect, communicate and conquer breast cancer.

Learning and Development at CBCC Center, Agartala

Basic concepts of Cancer and Chemotherapy being explained to ILS Nursing staffs By Dr LP Bhaskar

Introductory session

Glimpse from the introductory session of the team with ILS coordinators

Nurses Day Celebration

Date posted: 12 May 2022

Glimpse from the Nurses Day Celebration at CBCC Cancer Center, Agartala

World No Tobacco day walkathon

CBCC Cancer Center, Agartala participated for walkathon along with ILS Hospitals on the occassion of World No Tobacco day

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