Surpassing Challenges – Carotid Body Tumor

Dr. Tanuj Shrivastava

Consultant Oncosurgery


SRJ- CBCC Cancer Hospital – Indore, recently conducted a successful surgery resolving Carotid body tumor. A carotid body tumor, also known as a chemodectoma or paraganglioma is a growth or increase on the side of the neck region in the area where the carotid artery splits off into smaller blood vessels that carry blood to the brain.

The patient was a 36-year-old female who had a lump (a swelling under the skin) in her upper right neck for 15 years, which increased in size and turned painful after a few months. After CT angiography at SRJ-CBCC Indore, her case was found to be a condition of Carotid Body Tumor.

The case was taken up by Dr. Tanuj Shrivastava, an oncology consultant with twelve years of expertise in surgical oncology. He has been a part of many National Oncology Conferences as a faculty and conducted conferences in Indore in collaboration with Surgical /Dental/ Gynec Societies of Indore.

Diagnosis & Treatment

The patient at this stage was counseled for the option of surgery. She was clearly made aware and understood the benefits as well as the risks of the procedure. The surgery was a very challenging one as the doctor was required to preserve both the carotids and nerves. After proper counselling, she willingly agreed for the surgical procedures.

The patient underwent excision where the tumor was successfully removed and was discharged on the third day following the surgery without any complication.

The Team Cares

At SRJ – CBCC Indore, our well trained and experienced doctors, like Dr. Tanuj Shrivastava, make sure to provide the best diagnosis and necessary treatments. We at CBCC are dedicated to providing comprehensive diagnostic, interventional, surgical, and preventive services for all patients regardless of age, complexity, or severity of their condition.

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