What is Oncoplastic Breast Conservation Surgery?

Breast cancer is a prevalent and concerning health issue affecting millions of women worldwide. The treatment of breast cancer varies according to the stages of the disease. In the treatment of early-stage breast cancer, procedures like mastectomy, partial mastectomy, and breast-conserving surgery have been widely accepted as the standard methods of treatment.

However, these approaches often result in impacting the self-esteem and overall quality of life of the patient. Advancements in medical techniques have paved the way for a groundbreaking solution known as oncoplastic breast conservation surgery.

In this blog, we will gain knowledge about the innovative procedure of oncoplastic surgery, its objectives, and its numerous advantages over traditional lumpectomy, with a focus on providing comprehensive care to the patient. Oncoplastic surgery is conducted by CBCC India across the country. Dr. Sanjog Jaiswal, an expert in surgical oncology at CBCC India, the cancer hospital in Indore, conducts such surgeries resulting in enhanced patient satisfaction.

What is early-stage breast cancer?

Early-stage breast cancer refers to the initial phase of breast cancer, where the tumour remains localised within the breast without spreading to surrounding tissues or distant organs. Detecting breast cancer at this stage is crucial as it allows for less aggressive interventions and significantly improves treatment success rates. For patients diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, oncoplastic breast conservation surgery offers a promising approach to treatment while preserving the natural contour of the breast.

What is oncoplastic breast conservation surgery?

Oncoplastic breast conservation surgery is a transformative technology that combines the principles of oncologic surgery with reconstructive methods. The primary goal of this surgery is to remove cancerous tissue while preserving the shape and aesthetics of the breast. By incorporating various cosmetic-enhancing approaches, this surgery not only achieves negative histologic margins but also optimises the overall appearance following breast cancer removal.

Objectives of oncoplastic breast conservation surgery

The objectives of oncoplastic breast conservation surgery are centred around achieving optimal outcomes for patients. The procedure aims to ensure the complete removal of cancer while simultaneously maintaining or reconstructing an aesthetically acceptable appearance of the breast. By integrating both oncologic and reconstructive surgery principles, this comprehensive approach addresses the medical and aesthetic aspects of breast cancer treatment. By doing so, it aims to attain optimal local control, minimise the need for additional surgeries, and ultimately enhance patient satisfaction.

Why is it better than traditional lumpectomy?

Compared to traditional lumpectomy, oncoplastic breast conservation surgery offers a multitude of advantages. One of its notable benefits is the significant reduction in post-operative deformities and asymmetry. By utilising techniques such as partial mastectomy and implant-based reconstruction, this procedure helps restore the shape of the breast, leading to improved aesthetic outcomes. Furthermore, it minimises the need for subsequent surgeries, resulting in reduced healthcare costs and enhanced convenience and satisfaction for patients. Owing to these benefits, oncoplastic surgery is practised across India, like cancer hospitals in Indore and Gujarat.

The role of multidisciplinary teams in the treatment

The success of oncoplastic breast conservation surgery relies immensely on the collaboration between multidisciplinary teams, including breast surgeons and plastic surgeons. This collaborative approach ensures that patients receive comprehensive and personalised care. While breast surgeons specialise in tumour removal and oncologic aspects, plastic surgeons contribute their expertise in reconstructive techniques, facilitating a cohesive treatment plan that addresses both medical and aesthetic concerns.

Importance of a comprehensive approach

Adopting a comprehensive approach to treating early-stage breast cancer is of utmost importance, as it ensures that the patients receive holistic and personalised care. Oncoplastic breast conservation surgery not only focuses on eradicating cancer but also prioritises the preservation of the appearance of the breast and the overall well-being of the patient. By doing so, this approach enhances patient satisfaction, self-confidence, and overall quality of life throughout the treatment journey.

Benefits of involving various specialists 

Involving various specialists, including breast surgeons, plastic surgeons, and other healthcare professionals, throughout a patient’s care journey brings numerous advantages. These specialists, with their unique expertise, enable the development of tailored treatment plans, optimal surgical outcomes, and comprehensive post-operative care. Through collaborative efforts of breast surgeons, plastic surgeons and other healthcare professionals, the oncoplastic breast conservation surgery results in improved outcomes, reduced complications and overall patient satisfaction. CBCC India provides comprehensive treatments for early-stage breast cancer and oncoplastic surgery at its centres, like the cancer hospitals in Indore and Gujarat.

Oncoplastic breast conservation surgery has revolutionised the treatment of early-stage breast cancer by effectively addressing both the medical and aesthetic aspects of treatment. By removing cancerous tissue while preserving the contour and appearance of the breast, this procedure significantly enhances patient satisfaction, self-esteem, and overall quality of life. 

CBCC India, through its collaborative and comprehensive approach, aims at providing effective and accessible healthcare with its current Cancer Hospitals in Gujarat, Indore, Raipur and many more across India. In case of any queries about cancer, you can seek medical advice from our experts.

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