Cancer doesn’t discriminate, but we refuse to follow suit. Embrace the Cyclothon as an opportunity to express your compassion, unwavering determination, and profound solidarity with those battling cancer and their families. As you pedal with purpose, you’re broadcasting a clear message to the world: unlike cancer, we deeply care. Together, united in our commitment, we possess the power to bring about a substantial change in the relentless fight against this disease. Your participation is more than just a ride; it’s a statement of empathy and a pledge to make a difference. Register today and become a vital part of a movement that cares deeply, pushing forward for a cancer-free future.

Date: 4 Feb, 2024

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    I, as a willing participant, am excited to join CBCC Cancer Center, Agartala in their upcoming Cyclothon event, celebrating World Cancer Day. I am fully aware of the inherent risks associated with such activities, and I willingly take responsibility for any potential injuries. By endorsing this Waiver and Release, I confirm that I am in good health, adequately trained, physically fit, and have received approval from my healthcare provider to participate in this cycling event. I pledge to consult my physician independently should any injuries or medical concerns arise during my involvement in the Cyclothon organized by CBCC Cancer Center, Agartala on World Cancer Day.

    Furthermore, I acknowledge that I am solely responsible for covering any medical expenses that may arise, and I release CBCC Cancer Center, Agartala and their Cyclothon team from any liability in this regard. I also understand and agree that this Waiver and Release extends its binding effect to my heirs, assigns, and legal representatives. I hereby provide my consent and authorization to CBCC Cancer Center, Agartala, its partner organizations, and their staff to utilize any information provided in my application, as well as my name, photograph, video footage, audio recordings, or likeness, for various purposes, including pre-event and post-event promotional activities.

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